All-Star Academy, a Whole Child Private School, was founded in 2018 by Brandy Simison, a Child Behavior Specialist who encountered a vast need for teaching children social-emotional skills, life-preparedness skills, and how to learn new information during her work in schools and with individual families. 

All-Star Academy started as All-Star Kiddos, in 2016, as a Child Development Center providing specialized classes to parents to teach them how to get their child following a routine, taking initiative and tracking progress toward a goal. All-Star Kiddos went on to develop executive function skills, social skills, and targeted emotion regulation skills in children. Treating the whole family.


Today, All-Star Academy educates PreK-2 students in their schoolhouse in Preston. Additionally, All-Star Academy operates remote learning pods for local public schools at local child-focused fitness facilities and operates seasonal camps.


Our mission is to drive a new era education with a whole child approach to  inspire & develop young minds. To meet this objective, we have cultivated

a whole child curriculum that addresses the six domains of learning and  development. The result is children that surpass state and core standard requirements. Our students seek to learn about their environment, cultivate healthy relationships with others, and are aware of their thoughts & emotions.


School Year 2020-2021:

PreK-2nd --- In-person, Monday-Friday, 9am-3:30pm. LEARN MORE.

Pods --- In-person remote learning pods for local public school students. LEARN MORE.

Camp --- In-person seasonal camps offered during scheduled breaks. LEARN MORE.

Coming Soon:

After-School Enrichment -- 3:30pm-4:30pm

Remote Learning Pod Enjoying KidzBounce



From the Director:

Our mission is to drive a new era of a whole-child approach in education. Our teachers are unified by this objective. They are dedicated, inspiring, skillful and compassionate educators. Each role-model leadership, acceptance, listening, unwavering kindness, appreciation, self-esteem,  self-motivation & good citizenship. Read below to learn more about them!


Brandy Simison, Director

Child Behavior Specialist

Ms. Emily Good's is a Masters-level teacher with 7 years of experience in a classroom setting. She is trained in Restorative Correction and is known for her impeccable balance of being kind yet firm. Parents and students alike adore and respect Ms. Emily for her professionalism, kind heart, and most notably, the incredible development each student makes in her classroom.

Ms. Emily Good, Lead Teacher

Ms. Brittany Nichols' is an Early Childhood Education Specialist. She specializes in educating 4 - 6 year olds. Ms. Brittany is our PreK teacher. She is trained in Restorative Correction and has over 5 years educating young children. Ms. Brittany is most known for her cheerful and compassionate nature. Further, she is notorious for instilling a "can-do" attitude and coming up with the most creative ways to educate our youngest students. Parents appreciate her personable demeanor and focus on steady improvement.

Ms. Brittany Nichols, ECE Specialist