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Memberships / Partnerships

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• Our students meet their current potential academically, socially & emotionally within the first 6 months

• Horses on-site to encourage responsibility and confidence and foster empathy

• 100% of our students LOVE it here and now LOVE LEARNING!


Welcome to All-Star Academy!

We partner with parents of PreK-6th grade students to provide a personalized education for their child. Our students thrive despite any previous struggles. 

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Whole Child Approach

Our students are curious, creative, caring, empathetic, confident. Our Whole Child Approach to education develops students holistically, and prepares them for challenges & opportunities by addressing their comprehensive developmental needs. In addition to each child's education plan, we lead mindful breaks before beginning any activity and build each child's responsibility with

a job. We provide optional cognitive ability development to build executive function and cognitive abilities. As well providing  realtime coaching to build social skills and responsibility. 

Restorative Correction Trained Teachers

The word discipline comes from the Latin word “disciplinare”, which means, “to teach”. Each student is assessed socially, emotionally, and behaviorally. Our teachers are trained to qualify varying disruptive behavior with corresponding corrective coaching to guide the individual student to healthy behavior. Restorative correction assures an optimal learning environment is restored for the imposing student and the entire class. Simply put, our teachers are trained to maintain an optimal learning environment despite your child's behavior struggles.

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I can't recommend this school highly enough! After years of struggling in public schools, we enrolled our 5th grade son in All-Star academy and he LOVES everyday.

It's so refreshing to see teachers who understand how to teach kids to love learning.

—  2021-22 All-Star Academy parent

—  2021-22 All-Star Academy Parent