The mission of All-Star Academy is to drive a whole child era of education. 


We embody a whole child approach with a focus on mindfulness to build social emotional awareness, and cultivate focus.


We utilize the Montessori method to teach early literacy through a phonic approach embedded in a rich language context, and a sensorial foundation for mathematics education.

PreK-1st Whole Child Education

Preston, WA

Whole Child Development

A whole child is curious, creative, caring, empathetic, confident.  A Whole Child Approach to education develops and prepares students for challenges and opportunities by addressing students' comprehensive needs. To create social emotional intelligence we incorporate 3x week mindfulness classes. To teach focus we lead  mindful breaks before beginning any new activity. To establish  interpersonal skills we provide realtime coaching with their peers. To create an understanding of the world beyond themselves, we  provide 2x week culture studies class.

Restorative Correction Trained Teachers

The word discipline comes from the Latin word “disciplinare”, which means, “to teach”. Our teachers are trained to qualify disruptive behavior with corresponding corrective coaching to guide the student to healthy behavior. For example, "class clown" behavior is qualified as negative attention seeking and is responded to accordingly. Further, a student imposing authority is expressing misguided power and is attended to differently than negative attention seeking. Restorative correction assures an optimal learning environment is restored for the imposing student and the entire class. Simply put, our teachers maintain an optimal learning environment for their students despite behavior struggles.


"I have two words: Emotional Intelligence - that's what All-Star Academy teaches young kids. I'm thoroughly impressed by curriculum and results. Some of the concepts are quite advanced, something I had to learn well into my own career. Kids have time to put mindfulness skills to practice. If they have skills like this in early childhood, I can't begin to imagine their potential. Only regret is not to have found All-Star Academy earlier!"


—  Eugene S.