Your Child Develops Holistically Through Our Programs

The mission of All-Star Academy is to drive a new era of whole child development. All of our programs are designed to that end. We provide PreK-1 education, after-school enrichment, remote learning pods for local public school students, and seasonal camps.


2021-22 School Year

Our PreK program features explorative learning. We utilize the Montessori method to teach early literacy and a sensorial foundation for mathematics education.


2021-22 School Year

Our kindergarten program features data-driven detailed performance reports that include everything from cognitive development data, to progress toward meeting State and Core Standards.


2021-22 School Year

Our 1st grade curriculum features multi-step, team building activities that foster cooperation, problem solving, and critical thinking. 

1st-6th Remote Learning Pods

2020-21 School Year

Your child will receive accountability and help with their online classes while at a local children's fitness center. They will be able to enjoy indoor "recess" during their school provided breaks.

After-School Enrichment

2021-22 School Year

Beginning 2021-22 school year, your child will be able to choose from a variety of fun, enriching classes for their extracurricular development.

Seasonal Camps


Join us in making your child's break one of the best! Your child will be able to play in huge bounce houses, cook & bake, go on outdoor adventures, including scavenger hunts, and learn to pay attention to their thoughts with daily mindfulness practices.

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