Dear Fall Festival Patrons,


We are devastated. Our beloved horse, Bonita, unexpectedly passed away late last night. We are still in shock. Her companion, miniature horse, Jericho, is quite distraught today and needs time to adjust. We, All-Star Academy, as a community, need time to grieve. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience of this message, however we have to postpone the festival to October 29th. We will still have all the activities on Oct 29 including horseback riding since a local ranch has generously offered to provide a visiting children’s horse. 


We will be sending a separate sign-up tomorrow for our new festival date. Additionally, we will be extending the event one more hour to help accommodate more patrons. The new time is from 10am-3pm. 


Despite our loss, we are still looking forward to welcoming you to our school on October 29th.


All-Star Academy

P.S. If you are one of the many community members who has grown to love Bonita, please know we are having a memorial service for Bonita next Saturday from 1pm-3pm here at All-Star Academy.