Holistic, Fun, After-School Program

We want to provide students with a low-stress environment to wind down in, while still providing a productive focus and reinforcing healthy social-emotional skills.

What's the Cost?


Monday - Friday

~ 3:30pm - 6:30pm

Early Release

~ 1:30pm - 6:30pm



Transportation available from Cascade View Elementary School & Timber Ridge Elementary School in Snoqualmie. We also pick-up Clark Elementary students here in Preston. 

What Will our Days Look Like?

Daily 'growth mindset' activity
A growth mindset allows us to thrive upon challenge. We practice using our failures to further develop and grow our intelligence and abilities.

We have Homework Help available everyday

Core Daily Focuses - Weekly Lineup

Pick-up time 6:30pm

Exact days for each activity will vary depending on attendance & weather 

Cooking/baking @ local church
The Raging River Church kindly allow us to use their kitchen. This is a short walk from All-Star.

Bouncehouse or trampoline*
On-site in our 'playground' area

Extended care options available

Horseback riding
On-site in our horse paddock

Team sports or playground*
We use the soccer fields at Preston Athletic Fields and Park.

Movie + popcorn
What else are Friday's for?!

*Weather depending