Child Development Class

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July 8 - 12 


Before & After Extended Care Available

Ages: 7-13

Price: $442 (use discount code: 50OFF)



Your child will learn the important financial basics of budget creation & management, basic saving and investment practices, basics of insurance, credit cards, and loans; as well as build emotional intelligence in regards to maintaining financial success, then have fun playing cognitive development games on the trampoline in the afternoon.


Camp goers LOVE the camp because they get to learn-how-to-learn according to their learning style, handle REAL money, see their savings and investments grow. THEN, in the afternoon, they get to participate in games ON THE TRAMPOLINE!

Outdoor Leader

July 15 - 20 (Saturday July 20 is dedicated to fly fishing)


Before & After Extended Care Available

Ages: 8-13

Price: $810 (use discount code: 50OFF)



This outdoor camp is different because it teaches children how to THRIVE in a survival situation, not just survive. They learn all the basic survival skills - edible and poisonous plants, how to make a fire, how to build a shelter AND how to fly fish, BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY, how to manage their mental state.


So often we want to teach a new skill but do not address the emotions that accompany it. This camp does not fall short. We address the emotions and teach your child how to manage them so they can be a true outdoor leader.

Zen Master

July 22 - 25 


Before & After Extended Care Available

Ages: 6-11

Price: $360 (use discount code: 50OFF)



Zen Master teaches mindfulness, meditation, and yoga. Camp goers, a.k.a. Zen Apprentices, must earn their badge in "The Art of Zen" by practicing meditation and mindfulness at least 3 times at home during the course of the camp.


Your child will be taught, in real time, a basic yoga flow, and how to meditate as well as practice mindfulness in their everyday living. We lean-in on stories, fun, educational games & practice. 

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