Brandy Simison

Hello & Welcome! My name is Brandy Simison. I founded All-Star Academy after working with families as a Child Behavior Specialist and discovering first-hand the vast need for teaching children social-emotional intelligence, life-preparedness skills, and how to learn new information.

Today All-Star Academy provides a preschool and child development program that develops children social-emotionally, academically, and in life preparedness. 

We also serve in schools to help teachers, as well as entire school districts, and other education-based institutions, to utilize Restorative Correction™: a sustainable discipline policy that meets Washington State OSPI standards and regulations. 

Our commitment is to nurture, develop, and inspire children to their fullest potential. We pride ourselves on creating programs to that end. I hope you find what you're you're looking for. Please feel free to reach out to me, brandy@allstarkiddos.com if you find yourself wanting a certain class or program that we currently do not offer. I love new ideas and I am deeply inspired with creativity toward solving problems.

Are you ready to see your child progress with All-Star Academy? Apply or schedule a tour today for in-person services or sign-up for a free online class if you are looking to learn virtually.

As always,

"Do the best you can until you know better. Then, when you know better, do better." - Maya Angelou

Brandy Simison

All-Star Academy Founder

Amie Santerelli

What brings me to this place of service at this time in my life?  Well,  I have been blessed with a great many experiences that have brought clarity to my life's work and now is the time to bring it in fullness. I have been married to an incredibly supportive husband for twenty seven years.  We have four amazing children, two biological daughters that are now adults and two sons, both of which we fostered starting in their toddler years and adopted a few years later.  We are not perfect, and I do not have all the answers I simply have professional training, life experience and a gift of finding creative solutions and strategies to help build healthy families and create nurturing environments for children to grow and thrive.  Just like all families, we have our share of chaotic times ( I like to call them "growth opportunities"), but we always return to our relationships based in unconditional love and acceptance to find heart connection and creative solutions.

Education and General Work Experince:

I have a Bachelors Degree in Early Childhood Ed., Elementary Ed., and Special Education and a wide range of experience working with children and families.  I have taught a few years in the public school system, homeschooled my two daughters through most of their elementary years and seven years teaching in a private early childhood learning center.  Additionally, I have facilitated as a parent educator in an infant class through Bellevue College and ran my own tutoring company working with students of all ages diagnosed with dyslexia.  Most recently I have attended numerous trainings related to parenting children form trauma and have spent the past seven years navigating the foster care system, an ongoing journey!

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